An opinion on why people choose to smoke

While generalities cannot be made, there are some factors that many people say are or have been at play in their picking up their first pack and establishing their smoking habit.

Others say they "reward" themselves with smoking. It should be prohibited in public places like restaurants, cinemas, and other public places. It is the truth. It has been scientifically proven that smoking causes serious diseases which attack the respiratory system.

How do the tar and smoke get stuck in your lungs. Tar is very sticky, and it coats the lungs like syrup. A teenager or adult with poorly developed coping skills, who has not learned proper strategies for solving life problems and dealing with stress, is more apt to start smoking than someone who has learned such strategies.

Whatever the reason that a teenager has for starting to smoke, it is apparent that no matter how much you try to tell them that smoking is bad for you, a great number of them are going to try it anyway.

He says he has held onto this other old-fashioned activity -- smoking -- for about as long as there have been Surgeon General warnings. It has been used for social activities; for example, Native American Indians used it to get together in groups and smoke peace pipes. Some smokers even say that the act of having a cigarette in their mouth and taking a drag gives them a sense of pleasure and comfort not unlike sucking your thumb as a child.

He says too many people become addicted to cigarettes at an early age. Suppose that a person who addicts to smoke will spend 5 U. Many people start smoking in their teens and are addicted by the time they are adults. The nicotine is actually completely out of your system in 72 hours once you stop smoking.

Those children may have started as they have grown up in an environment where their parents, grandparents and older siblings smoke, and so they smoke in order to look and act like them. Someone in my family smokes a lot.

Why do people smoke? Reasons why people start and continue to smoke.

We should be allowed an equal opportunity to exercise our right. First of all, smoking is bad for your health. In general, the longer you have been smoking, the harder time you will have not smoking during times of stress.

Hide Caption 9 of 18 Photos: I started smoking to rebel against my parents. It is already there. Why People Start Smoking Many people begin smoking when they are teenagers. Their risk of lung cancer continues to drop over several years.

It is dangerous for them because it could cause dancer in many parts of the body. He should do what is right because we keep the respect between us. Why do people smoke in the first place. With this in mind, the question "why do people smoke. Now, there is a lot of educational material, and there are programs that are educating the public about the danger of smoking.

In a democratic country like India consciousness rather than use of force will be a effective weapon to tackle the problem Sujit Kumar Panigrahi, India People say that smoking is bad, and I agree, even though I do it.

You can make new friends by smoking or you can attract your ideal partner by looking sexy, sultry and smoky. Some adverts give the impression that smoking is sociable. A portrait of defiance "Smoking is my best friend," Barry Blackwell said. Pantium Wong, Hong Kong There are some rules to live together as a society.

Understanding Nicotine Addiction Nicotine addiction not only perpetuates one's desire to smoke, but it makes it difficult to try to apply mind over matter and quit. Hide Caption 15 of 18 Photos: There are several reasons for this: There are those who may even smoke to control their weight.

It kills billions every single day. Hide Caption 12 of 18 Photos: Therefore, it should be apparent that most people smoke because they are addicted to nicotine.

Smoking is an annoying habit to non-smokers. The reasons can essentially be broken down into why people start smoking and why they continue smoking. Why People Start Smoking.

Many people begin smoking when they are teenagers. There are several reasons for this: 1) The desire to look cool. By far the biggest reason people start smoking is the desire to look cool.

State and federal laws increasingly restrict where people can smoke, and taxes on cigarettes and other tobacco products are higher than ever.

Study after study shows a link between smoking and a host of health problems, including heart disease, lung disease and cancer: 1 in 10 adults -- more than five million per year -- dies from tobacco-related illnesses [source: World Health Organization ].

Five Reasons People Start and Continue to Smoke

Why do they make cigarettes? For a long time, people didn’t think that smoking was harmful. Now that we know, we don’t allow smoking in most workplaces, to protect people against secondhand smoke.

But smoking is still legal, and some people still choose to smoke, even though it’s. People say that they use tobacco for many different reasons—like stress relief, pleasure, or in social situations.

One of the first steps to quitting is to learn why you feel like using tobacco.

Why Do People Smoke?

Then you can think about the reasons you want to quit. Therefore, it should be apparent that most people smoke because they are addicted to nicotine. For them, not to smoke would need an immense amount of willpower, a huge amount of support from family and friends and for some, expert medical advice and help.

Why do people continue to smoke? Professor Peter Odhiambo is the Chairman of Kenya's National Tobacco Free Initiative Committee (NTFIC). According to him, tobacco companies don't do enough to warn people about the dangers of smoking.

An opinion on why people choose to smoke
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Why do people smoke?