Antigone multilayered motives

University of Chicago Press,p. This newfound immediacy requires as a condition for successful interpretation that scholars bring the past close enough to make the Greeks intelligible and yet keep them sufficiently distant to preserve their otherness. This generates accounts, which put agency or the capacity of subjects to act upon the world, as central.

A gesture that is far from straightforward. To be badly or ill placed also implies being out of place atopos: The gods were extremely important to the culture of her time, their authority superseded that of any king.


These struggles—fought on and over the theoretical and political topography of the ancient city-state—represent neither a petty war over academic turf of dubious value nor merely a passing fancy for things antique. The openness to new standpoints and possible intersectional solidarities between women is therefore not given; it is a political effort.

But since all discourse already contains its own politics of truth, there can be no truth exterior to any particular discursive regime. The difficulty for theory construction—critical theory included—is to make sense out of the world of people and things while doing it, and them, the least violence possible.

When her sister refuses, Antigone sets off to do her deed alone. These questions do not admit of easy answers, and given a contest structured by such unyielding oppositions, it is unlikely that anything new can be said in its present terms.

Foucault, to his credit, has taught us to recognize in the culture of democratic consensus the dangers of this drift toward those homogenizing and dividing practices that define, contain, and discipline the individual.

The large tasks ones will get done by accomplishing each smaller part; the small tedious ones may be done even before you feel motivated, but they will be done.

Antigone – Short Essay

Through refusing the severing of certain experiences from the realm of politics by confining them to the individual or the private; through collective sharing, thinking, and organizing alliances between dismissed and atomized experiences; and precisely through acknowledging that such experiences cannot be taken as self-evident, they can become available resources of transformative knowledge and action.

If you are simply unmotivated in general with nothing special to accomplish, then find a goal, even a really small one. I thus look to the dialogue to provide a post-philosophical sensibility that reinscribes a genealogical disturbance of all philosophical foundations within the humanist goal of securing such foundations as one of the preconditions for politics.

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Cornell University Press, Through agonal acts of resistance to contemporary cultural hegemony, new subjects, selves, identities, and practices are presently being fashioned and refashioned.

What makes the work of interpreting her so 3 difficult and unstable.

What is your motivation?

Antigone was fully aware of the consquenece she would face if Creon caught her in the act. Horkheimer and Adorno are thus more than tragic figures caught in a web of fate not wholly of their own making. What positive and negative traits does each character have.

That structure and its sensibility inform my own attempt to read the present in terms supplied by the past, while still maintaining contemporary political and theoretical concerns.

She simply was following the way of the gods. The sophisticated literary structures of tragedy and dialogue, the way the formal elements of composition can be made to yield a critical reflection on history as progress—provide one reason for turning to these specific texts. 1, Likes, 15 Comments - Princeton University (@princeton_university) on Instagram: “#TellUsTigers: "I started writing songs for my daughter when I was pregnant, but I didn't know they ”.

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Antigone – Short Essay

Tragedy and Enlightenment: Those feelings, motives, experiences, and desires that remain inarticulate within the schema prescribed by an ideal discourse subsequently become the objects of disciplinary control and normalization.

as Antigone’s Ode reminds us, provides the material needs of civilization on a hitherto unprecedented scale. Get an answer for 'Is Antigone's main motive for burying her brother to take a stand against the social/ political postion of women in Athens, rather than to obey the gods?Antigone says that she.

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Antigone multilayered motives
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