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Data from Subway shows that the most favored sandwich in China is tuna. In the years from until Subway was the fastest growing franchise system worldwide.

And the fact that China has become the world factory has ensured the supply of the needed production equipments and logistics in the expansion of SUBWAY. Mixx A Subway restaurant and take-away in Shanghai.

Furthermore the market entry strategy of Subway is analyzed regarding the fact how franchising influenced the expansion of the company in general. To start a fast food business, any existing Chinese restaurants with very good business mode could penetrate into the market and expand rapidly through franchising.

Uncovering the secrets of the company in order to support the franchisees was connected with a high risk exposure because of the fact that many US brand had seen local companies take their names and logo and open fake, unapproved restaurants and stores.

They have since come to understood that what made Subway great was those six-inch, foot-long sandwiches and basic menu structure.

On one hand, due to the under development of the economy in China, the majority of people are still quite price sensitive which means that if the price increases a little significant customer loss could be seen because they could be forced to go to the competitors due to the price sensitivity.

In the company started franchising in the USA and later it was uses in order to expand globally. Both parties settled on "mutually agreeable" and confidential terms in January Moody-Stuart said the franchise is going to launch more local flavors this year but the core menu will stay the same.

Chinese people did not like to eat with their hands. Dean Sagar noted, "Subway is the biggest problem in franchising and emerges as one of the key examples of every abuse you can think of. Subway b [23] Cf. After that the market entry into the Chinese market and its challenges is explained.

The different entry modes can be classified by degrees of resource commitment, risk exposure, control and profit return. Generally the contractual modes give the company a higher control over its activities while taking compared to the export modes a higher risk because of the binding contract between the firm and the agent in the foreign country.

In addition to that Subway managed to generate high profits by structuring its business activities based on the model of franchising.

Business Expanding Plan for SUBWAY in China

Dean Sagar noted, "Subway is the biggest problem in franchising and emerges as one of the key examples of every abuse you can think of. The focus of this term paper is to evaluate this type of entry mode based on the example of Subway, an international operating fast food chain.

In the case of Subway the first international franchise was opened in in Bahrain, because a domestic investor wanted to use the brand for his purposes and approached the company about opening a sandwich shop on the Persian Gulf Island.

Fromhe was featured less often as the company marketed with more emphasis on its "5 dollar footlong" campaign. Internationalization of economy is one of the most important topics of recent times.

The plaintiffs claimed the defendants had misrepresented the asset value of Subway Sandwich Shops a leasing company used by Doctor's Associates for franchising purposes while negotiating a lease agreement. Additionally the franchisor supports the franchisee with technical advice and other support services.

One possible entry mode is called franchising which is used by a lot of well-known companies worldwide. As summarized in the figure above, the political stability indicator PSI from to has demonstrated that China is a relative stable country compared with most developing countries though it is still less stable than most developed countries.

The company operates in more than countries. The strong brand is based on above-average customer satisfaction values, which help to retain the buyer's loyalty to the brand.

Moody-Stuart said the company has no clear plans to enter small cities or the countryside on account of cost considerations. A submarine sandwich is made by filling a split Italian roll with various sliced meats, cheeses, vegetables, and condiments. According to the agent, Subway's sales in Beijing increased by an average of 25 percent over the last five years.

A Subway store costs much less to open than other franchises. Generally speaking this group of entry modes is characterized by a low degree of control of the activities in the foreign market, a low risk exposure and low resource commitment, because of the named direct shipping or the cooperation with an intermediary.

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In the company started franchising in the USA and later it was uses in order to expand globally. As a result of presenting the theory a profile of Subway follows.

Subway (restaurant)

Subway, the world's largest sandwich chain entered China when the fast food business in the country was witnessing a huge growth. But Subway learned that establishing a. Outgoing friendly and cheerful Subway Shift Leader knows that customers make the thesanfranista.comes in delivering high-quality sandwiches and cookies every to supervise other staff and resolve all customer issues and complaints.

application filed for a change of use. renovate the existing storefront, install new stair at entry, provide a handicap ramp, interior non structural demising wall, floor infill at the second floor, new egress stair & enclosure.

interior renovation of existing space for proposed subway sandwich store. install non-load bearing partitions and. Pickup times displayed are based on the number of other online orders already placed at this SUBWAY restaurant today.

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Maximum order size is {0} sandwiches (plus sides & drinks). Orders will be ready for pickup 15 minutes after order confirmation.

Subway (restaurant)

{0}. The business I chose is Subway Sandwich Shops. Please let me know if you are able to assist me. You also need to be aware of the different modes of entry that can be used to enter the market.

Upon completion of this assignment, you should be able to: • Compare and contrast the entry modes for global business expansion. Subway Market Research, sivua, 7 liitettä Subway offers customers many different kinds of fresh submarine sandwiches also called “subs”. Customers always decide how they want their sandwiches to be served.

Subway‟s advertising is based on freshness. or modes.

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